Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orville Reilly O'Reilly

A charming gentleman by the name of Orville Reilly O'Reilly recently moved in to Shady Grove. He is as Irish as Paddy's pig and has a lovely smile, when his teeth are in.  His quick Irish wit and his natty attire have made him a hit with the ladies already. Here we see him lounging in the lobby as he checks out the residents. 

He is wearing his black socks and  his favorite brown sandals that don't press on his corns.

Reilly may have been an accountant, an editor or a teacher. He always carries colored pencils in his shirt pocket and corrects typos he sees in the newspaper or books. Here he is looking a bit dishevelled, wearing one of the pairs of glasses I made from Sculpey. 

To create Orville, or O.R. as his friends call him, I designed a new body that looks more like a leotard. It does the job of hiding the rough ends of the arms and legs..which has always bothered me aesthetically..and yet still allows quite a bit of movement.

Here is the beginning of his shirt
made of fine Irish linen and his favorite brown sandals set off handsomely by the black socks.  A nice way to hide the corns, hammer toes and the thick greying toenails that so many old people have.

O. R. has a nice fringe of white curls and a little forelock that really turns the old dolls on.  We shall see what happens when he runs into Rose.

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