Thursday, March 18, 2010

Near Tragedy Mars Festivities at Shady Grove

It was a lovely day with promises for an even lovelier evening. Before the party Rose and Reilly sat on Boomer's motorcycle for awhile.  She introduced him to her great grandson Tristan and her cat Mojo. They were chaperoned by friends and other family members who actually wanted to prevent Rose from taking off on another wild ride as she had a few weeks previous.

Star had come over early to practice some tunes for her gig at the party.  Heather was still trying to bend her leg back into place so she could go shopping.

Soon it was time to get ready so Reilly backed Rose into the cactus again and gave her a little good bye peck on the cheek.

The extraction of yet another cactus spine put Rose way behind and her butt was so swelled up she couldnt fit into her evening dress anyway. So she just grabbed a green hat and hoped for the best. 

Reilly had donned his glasses so he could read the words to Danny Boy when he rendered his quavering rendition accompanied by Star. After he was finished there was not a dry eye in the house. I was unsure as to whether it was due to the current epidemic of pink eye coursing through the home or the melancholy air.
But when he pulled out his Feadóg the whole room shouted with pleasure. If you are not familiar with the Feadóg then you are only pretending to be Irish.  

They danced and drank green "Near Beer" (you didn't think the Grove would actually serve alcohol did you?)  till the wee hour of  9 p.m. when the Administrator reminded everyone that they all had an early day tomorrow. 

As they left the common room O.R. suddenly stumbled and fell, spilling the contents of his mug. He lay face up on the green linoleum floor, groaning pitifully.

Rose showed admirable presence of mind in the face of this possible calamity. She sent Star to call an ambulance while she administered CPR. 

Wily Reilly, who had planned this in order to get Rose's attention, continued the ruse till the paramedics arrived.

He had hoped that during CPR Rose's tiny wrinkled lips would finally touch his. But this was not to be. Rose was skilled in the new CPR sanctioned by the Mayo Clinic where lip action is not involved. She found this a great boon since the configuration of her nose and chin had always been a serious obstruction to the older method of CPR - and to love making in general. 

The Paramedics examined him and pronounced him drunk* but not harmed. Rose took the opportunity to hike up her skirt and show them her butt. They suggested an antibiotic salve for the cactus spine wounds and covered her up hastily. Thus ended an otherwise pleasant evening.

* Reilly was drinking green whiskey he snuck into his mug.

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