Friday, June 18, 2010

Buzzard's Nest

The Buzzard's Nest Volume 2,   June 18, 2010

An old bird's view of Shady Grove.

Orville Reilly O'Reilly, Editor in Chief and Journalist

Photos courtesy of Down to Earth

I must apologize for the long delay since my last communication with you loyal fans. Rose and I were vacationing at my trailer in Florida. We enjoyed ourselves so much tooling around on the little red motrocycle that Boomer sold us we just couldn't tear ourselves away.

But enough about us I am sure you are waiting to hear about the other residents of the Grove. 

Love will find a way.
Unfortunately Boomer is still waiting for a leg donor.  But he has not been dwelling on this lately.  He has found a little wicker wheelbarrow and since he has been blessed with  longish arms he can touch the ground and propel himself along quite nicely.  He does complain of sore knuckles but we are working on making him some wooden blocks that will solve that problem. There are some cruel folk who have referred to him in the past, rather prophetically I might add,  as a knuckle dragger and now this has come to pass.  Folks should watch their tongues. Any of us could be afflicted.

He is a pretty happy fellow these days since he has met a young lady.  They have a lot in common since the young lady, name of Ethel Mermaid, has no legs either.  Just shows you that even being from a different background and culture (hers is Aquaculture) does not stop these two and many others from falling in love.

Some of the other residents have been speculating and  tittering about how they make love and whether she will be able to deliver a baby, what will it look like etc.  It is not for me to comment on this affair. I just wish them well and I rest assured that love will find a way. I admit that I find it hard to get the images out of my head. I will think of baseball scores.

All the other folk are doing well and wishing you a happy summer.

Over and out.
Editor in Chief Orville Reilly O'Reilly

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