Monday, March 5, 2012


Fear of failure looms.  I have been downright afraid to get back to my art dolls for some reason. Probably because I now belong to a couple of doll clubs and I am cowed by the expertise there.

So, since I can't keep my hands off material I decided to start with something simple just to get my feet wet again.

Sock toys.

These will eventually find their way to the local Salvation Army Family Services or perhaps to a local couple that  takes medical supplies and toys to Africa and South America.

At least this way you know that your efforts are getting directly to the people who will enjoy them. I am always leery of  just how much of the money we sent to Charity actually goes to NEEDY people and how much goes to GREEDY Administrators.

Salvation Army has a good reputation and one of the lowest paid Administrators I hear.

This scary couple are not actually made from socks but their hoodies are made from a pretty striped pair of previously enjoyed socks. They probably will not be going to children as even I could not be that mean.

I sacrificed a new pair of socks I had never worn  for this little zebra.

At this point I concluded that all had to be made from new socks and stuffing.  Thank goodness the local Giant  Tiger had a great sock sale on.

 A monkey, a pink elephant and a tiny bunny made from a child's sock came next
 Br'er Rabbit was fun. I have since stopped using buttons for eyes and noses and now all features are embroidered.
 Like the features on these two little kittens

A puppy with his bone

Several glove rabbits..okay so I got bored and made one with two heads
 Kitty with her ball
 Same kitty front view Painted features on this one. Not my favorite as they soak in.
 Same design, looks very different in striped sock
 GladN'Sad Bunnies.  How many bunnies do you see?
 I will let you in on a little secret about these bunnies later.

 Not quite sure what this is but I loved the sock pattern.

And last but not least a funky little Apaloosa horse.

I started out by looking at how other designers had made their sock toys but now I design my own patterns.  They change regularly from toy to toy it seems. Even the second of the kittens above (made from one pair of socks) changed design.
Since others have been so generous in sharing their patterns and instructions on line for free I will include mine as well. You can see them on my next post.

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