Sunday, September 9, 2012

How do you solve a problem like Maria...Enter Hortense

Ah the old Hortense joke.  First man says " Is that Hortense over there?"  Second man says "I don't think so. She looks pretty relaxed to me."

This is my way of breaking the news that Maria has been swallowed up by another entity name of Hortense.

Although I am using the same head I have changed it quite a bit and there will be more changes to come like more wattles, more frown lines. This is just to document the process as I go.

She has a droopy eye, and a raised eyebrow, a fatter nose, thicker lips.

I included photos of  Maria as she looked when last seen.

 Hortense front                                                   Hortense side

Maria front                                                            Maria side

This damp weather is playing havoc with the drying process so she has an orange fungus in her ear and in other areas that didn't dry fast enough.

At the moment my plan is to aim for a body with interchangeable heads unless and until I get another body made. Stuffing is expensive.

I have been working on two other small dolls at the same time as there is so much time where you just have to wait till things dry.

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