Sunday, September 9, 2012

Experimenting with jointed paper clay dolls

This week I have been messing around with making two sizes of jointed dolls.

The first one uses four drinking straws cut in half. These are the form I used to build the limbs around.  

First I wrapped them in a single layer of old style paper mache and let it dry.

Next I added paper clay and stuck a skewer through to allow them to dry evenly without flattening on the bottom side.

Yes I am aware that they look like tampons.

Next I made a rough head.  Photos help me to see things that need more work.  Wonky eyes seem to be the theme with my faces lately.

I made smaller limbs from previously enjoyed Q tips.  No need to freak out. I cut off the fuzzy used end and used only the plastic, which I discovered is hollow inside like a small straw. It is perfect for inserting a wire with which to hook the limbs together.

Below are cut outs of hands and feet. They will act as a form on which to place and shape the paper clay. They are cut from cardboard packaging that would other wise have gone to the dump.

Here are a pair of hands already molded around two of the cardboard hand pieces.  I have set them on a coke can in order to give them a natural curve as they dry.

I have inserted a piece of wire which I twisted into a loop for joining it to the end of the forearm later.

On the right, top, is a normal Q tip, then one that has had the fuzzy ends removed and finally one that has had paper mache and paper clay applied.  A wire has been inserted through the hollow center of the Q tip. Next a loop will be formed at either end.

Still a long way to go.  Still have to do bodies, feet and another pair of hands.  Paint them, wire them together, dress them or whatever.

Much more tedious than just sewing a doll together and stuffing it. But I do insist on trying everything.

More to come as the project progresses.

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