Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Old Jane...a retrospective - more nudes from 1970's

I cannot say I am proud of the next few nudes. After the class at Humber College was over I turned to men's magazines for poses in order to practice using shading techniques with conte and pastels.

I had been reading a book about subliminal advertising and how corporations induce us to buy things by hiding images and words in seemingly innocent things. One method was to very quickly flash the words soft drink and popcorn during movies. The human eye could not register these words but the brain did and shortly thereafter there would be a run on the concession stand. This has since been outlawed I believe.

Interestingly, in paper ads,  images of skulls in cigarette smoke or on an ice cube in a glass of liquor seemed to boost sales. Hidden profanities had the same effect.  I decided to conduct an experiment.  I wove profane words subtly through the hair of some of my nudes.  Then I took several to work with me and asked people to choose the drawing they were most attracted to.  Damned if most didn't pick the one with the "dirty" hair.

Around that time I met a young art gallery manager who offered to frame my nudes and put them up for sale in the gallery. We agreed that if some didn't sell I would pay for the framing of those. Only one out of about ten had not sold when the time was up so I have that one in my private collection.

Around this time I did a few other nude portraits of friends so even if I did have photos I wouldn't post them for reasons of privacy.  They know who they are!

I also did one of a friend's husband. Luckily for her, after a tumultuous marriage she divorced him. Later he murdered his new girlfriend for which crime he became a guest of the government.

Next came another Wrong Doer from the Right Side of the Law.  A woman I worked with had recommended me to a young lawyer who wanted a nude portrait of himself.

I am not quite sure what he thought he was going to get but I assure you I was the soul of an uptight boring professional.  Perhaps he did not get what he was expecting but at any rate this gentleman conveniently had forgotten his wallet when it came time to pay.  I had no qualms about chasing him down and embarrassing him in front of a waiting room full of clients in order to get my fee. I don't like to be messed with.

Trying to make a living from your art ain't for sissies.

Okay I think I am done with nude drawings for  now.

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