Monday, March 15, 2010

New Old Jane...a retrospective - Humber college 1970's - drawings of nudes

The human face and figure have always been an inspiration to me.  I first took life drawing in California and it annoyed me that female models were always totally nude while male models usually wore G strings.  Humber was different in that regard. It was equal opportunity nudity for all.

I have never understood the big whoop over nudity. Have you? I mean we all have the same equipment just that some of us arrange it better. But if you are disturbed by nudity then click the red X at the top and leave.  Bye now. still here?  Then take a gander at what I was up to in the 70's.

This woman was quite elderly and over weight so it was an interesting and unusual study of the nude.  You don't get to draw all these nooks and crannies every day of the week.

Sorry I  didn't crop these pictures so at least my Betty Boop slipper didn't show but I am basically a lazy person.

Next is a contour drawing  - one of my favorite exercises for its purity of line. One puts the pen on the paper and the eyes on the object they want to draw. Ideally the eyes never look down at the paper again until the drawing is finished.

But most of us have to look down briefly when adding a line that must meet up with another line exactly like when you add a new body part like an arm or a boob. It is meant to teach communication between the hand and eye. It is lots of fun and full of surprises.

Lastly this young fellow was delightful. I just loved his big mop of permanently curled hair. So seventies gay white boy.

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