Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mixed bag

I took a breather from doll making to do some related activities. I made these accessories - eye glasses and shoes. These are made from Sculpey, a polymer clay that bakes at low temperatures in an ordinary oven.  At least I can make the soles for the shoes. I may try the tops later on. Here is a tray ready to be baked.  This is a first try so I will let you know how they work out.

When I went out to the studio this morning Tristan, the Emo kid who is Rose's great grand son ( I thought he said  his name wasThurgoode, silly me)  was wearing a pair of red sparkly high tops.  He said a friend gave them to him. Saves me the trouble of trying to make him some but they looked strangely familiar.
Rose ,Tristan and Mojo were going out for a spin.

I did some checking around and found out  that LaTricia, who does some part time work at the home, was shoeless BUT she was wearing a mink stole that looked suspiciously like the one Rose said she pawned for gas money. The plot thickens.
I have started a box that I call "The Parts Department" which contains doll parts that I have for one reason or another not used. They will come in handy at some point I hope.

BTW I heard Rose speaking about a new fellow at the home, a Mr. O'Reilly. Seems like Boomer may have some competition. 

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