Monday, February 22, 2010

Star E. Naight

I still had a series of patterns I had bought that I had not explored.  They are from a doll maker by the name of Sandra M Blake. The S.O. Dollightful Dolls are just that...a family of dolls that are delightful in their perfect proportions.
Here, in pictures, is my journey to a Star E. Naight using Ms Blake's pattern for the body and my own pattern for the rather quirky little face. The hair is chenille yarn this time.

Now Ms Blake's doll is made from muslin. Mine is made from that same fluffy blanket from which I made Rose. So the proportions do come out differently depending on the give of the material. 

My Star has rather thick legs but we will cover up that figure fault with a nice long skirt made from men's silk ties. I just cut them in strips about an inch or so wide and sewed them together. Then I trimmed the bottom into points, shirred the top and added a waist band.
She has already begun to let me know her clothing preferences and she is a demanding little thing.  She made me cut out little 1/2 inch squares of velvet and silk fabrics and sew them together to make her a vest.   That is them above being run through two at a time on my mother's old Featherweight Singer Portable machine that I use for most things.

Here is the final product of sewing all those devilish little squares together. I did some free style oversewing afterward with metallic thread.

 I made a plain black t-shirt to go under the vest, gave her a headband and a flower and you guessed it.....a hippy chick emerged.

But by the time she gets to Woodstock she will need a guitar. 

See my next post for that ongoing nightmare. 

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