Monday, February 22, 2010

Boomer - Living and learning

Next up was a bag lady.  At least that is what I set out to make.  The Fates had a very different idea.

When I sewed the face onto the head I realized I had sewn it on inside out.  Now, there is something you gotta know about me. Something I am not proud of.  I am not a patient person. I try my best to do it right the first time and would rather discard something than go back and correct it.  This is a trait I am trying to correct but in the meantime here I was faced with a face with the seams on the outside.

What oh what could I do?  I decided that it looked like a beard. Then it came to me.  Make the bag lady into a man.  A bag man. A bag man with a beard to hide the raw seam.

There was just one problem. He looked more like an Elizabethan actor than a bag man.

I got kind of fancy with the ears. Making large ones and then curling them around someway to sculpt them. Don't ask me how now.

I also put tiny black beads in for the eyes and pulled the cloth face around them to make eyelids....hmmm beady eyes.

Okay. I draw the line at Elizabethan actors.  Lets put some sun glasses on him and see what happens.

 Better but.....let's try a bandanna.  Yeah. Now he looks like a biker.  Friend Joan said..." He looks like a Baby Boomer."  And thus his name...Boomer.

And so began a several months long quest for a motorcycle.  I saw plenty of them but they were either too small, too big or too expensive. Till yesterday that is. Walmart (yeah yeah I know...we hate Walmart) had their Valentine's gifts and candies marked way down.  This little baby was marked down to a quarter of the original price.  Yeah, yeah. It IS made in China. I promise not to eat it or rub any part of body against it.

Naturally the monkies will have to go. In fact I did manage to remove them this morning but didnt take another picture.

Did I mention that it plays Born to Be Wild?  The other one plays Love Machine.

Speaking of bodies. I cannot show you all of  Boomer's photos since he is well....a man in every sense of the word.  And he does not have any clothes yet... except for a tiny leopard skin thong.  I need to make jeans and a shirt and chaps and a vest and all those bikery type things.

I can however show you his hand. I am still practicing hands but have a nice pattern now from the master doll maker Judi Ward that I mentioned in the previous post on Online Classes.

So not just the arm but each and every finger is pose-able. Not so fun to make but once they are done they are bitchin'!

More on Boomer when the whole package is complete.

Sadly I think he may have to be remade quite a bit smaller to fit this great motorcycle.  There is always the risk that I will end up with another box of Boomer parts and his beady little eyes staring accusingly up at me.

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