Tuesday, February 23, 2010

....and now for something completely different - Hooked Wool Rugs cont'd

More Shibui.  I just realized that try as I might to post things in an orderly fashion I always seem to miss something. This time it is a small round rug made in 2003.  I call this one Fat Cat. 

And this one also from 2003....a very traditional design usually done with two mermaids. I made it my own by using only one siren and designing a snazzy wave border. I fell in love with the very quaint saying on the rug, "Over the bounding wave. What could be more delightful to the eyes of a lonely sailor man. Altho thir snares are spiteful" (sic)

This one is a great favorite of mine.  It is based on a work entitled Storm is Coming by  Cuban painter Agusto Bordelois. 

The white buildings and red tile roofs remind me of the town where I lived in Ecuador.  I love the quirky touch of the cats in the clouds. Can you see them?

I tried to get in touch with Mr Bordelois to get his permission to copy his painting on to the rug but I got no answer from him.  
I hope he understands that it is only out of pure admiration for his painting that I have tried to reproduce it .

Wanting something requiring a little less commitment than a large rug I made a couple of small pieces and turned them into purses. These 8 x 8 inch purses are very fun to use. I made the strap by braiding together complimentary colors of yarn.

The piece on the left was inspired by works of Paul Klee. I have not actually done anything with it yet. You can still see the burlap backing. I am not sure if it will be a purse or what.  Thank the gods it does not have eyes - the better to accuse me with!
Then I got back to the larger rugs and did one based on a Matisse painting called Goldfish. The colors are so vibrant.  Monsieur Matisse was not available for comment either.

Okay gotta close this post too even though I have more rug hooking examples. I think my computer is about to crash as its poor old memory is like mine. It can't hold as much as it used to.

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