Monday, February 22, 2010

On line Classes

There are many on line classes available for doll makers. I signed up for one one (called Whatever, Whatever) which was developed by Judi Ward and may still be available through Doll Net.  I learned some very interesting techniques which I hope to be able to employ.

I guess essentially I am aiming at some sort of hybrid pattern which will encompass favorite aspects or parts of all the different ones I have tried. The fingers for sure  I would borrow from the Judi Ward doll even though I found them difficult.  I learned later that it was because my material was too thick and unyeilding. 

This was the first hand and I think it could use a good cream to get rid of those rough parts.  You can get an idea of the size from the glasses. 

Other body parts below:  head on left, shapely torso in the middle and a whole arm on the right, pink chinese tea cup on the far right!

I have to admit that I have not finished this doll. I ran into problems with the legs. Judi advised that this was because I did not have the proper stuffing.

It is designed to stand alone but mine stubbornly refused. 

So I moved on to other projects but am still working on this problem mentally .

I have used the rotating head design which I learned in this class for Heather and Rose and Boomer.  Meanwhile the un-joined parts languish in a box. Sometimes I come across the box and find her staring at me accusingly. 

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