Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Guitar for Star

Awhile back under the post for Star E Knight I said I would update you on making a guitar for her. Here is the story of Star's guitar.

I started  by cutting two pieces out of cardboard for the top and the bottom of the guitar. I am sure there are technical names but I don't know them. A circular hole is cut out of the top piece only.

For the neck I cut several pieces of cardboard and glued them together.

The top piece is cut longer so that it can slip over the front of the guitar while the other pieces butt up to the side.  You will see what I mean in later pictures.

Next a strip was cut and carefully curved so it would form the shape of the guitar. That strip was glued to  the bottom guitar piece.  That part was easy. Next came gluing the top on. Not so much fun and lots of glue squishing out. to be dealt with later. Might start with the top next time.
You caught me...yes it is made from the box that my Swiffer mop came in.

On the left you can see an extra strip glued on the top just under the hole. That is for attaching the strings later. 

Right: For the strings strong thread was glued to another piece of cardboard which will be glued on later.  

Below: To even out the rough spots I painted the body and neck with gesso and sanded lightly. Then I glued the neck on and painted the whole thing with acrylic paint. This is the first coat.

IF I ever do this again I will make the neck wider at the top and punch in holes for attaching the strings. At this point I am not sure how to attach them. But I will figure it out. The joys of making your own patterns.
When this dries I will streak on a lighter color to make it look more woodgrained.  Catch you later with the final product.  

Don't let me forget to put on the strap made from a strip of hand loomed Guatemalan fabric. Star will be so excited.

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