Friday, February 19, 2010


Blonde Bertita tells me she comes from Colombia.

In the picture on the right she is showing her friend Latricia her new shoes and purse.

After a few months my quiet village bored her. She said she missed the gunfire she had grown up with in Bogota. Between you and me the closest she has ever been to Colombia is watching documentaries on television. But you didn't hear it from me.

The only time she was really happy here was on Canada Day when the sky was filled with pretty lights and the quiet was torn by sharp explosions.  So I suggested she might be happier in Toronto and my friend Barb graciously gave her a place to live. 

Her trip, which should have taken a day or two, took much longer than expected two weeks....and when she arrived she had her purse on her head.  I know this because Barb sent me a picture of Bertita and it was sitting there like a visor. When I questioned Barb as to why she had put it on her head she said she had arrived that way. Canada Post gremlins?  Or did Bertita travel via Bogota?

Barb tells me that when Bertita isn't dancing she is flirting with another resident of the apartment with the unfortunate nickname of Eunuch.  Guess we wont be seeing any little Bertitas or Eunuchs running around the apartment any time soon. Unless she takes a shine to that Cuban fellow that Barb brought back from her last trip.

She is a lively girl who dresses warmly even in the summer. She has never gotten accustomed to the weather in Canada.

Note: This was my first attempt at shoe and purse making. I should be better at this since my great grandfather was a cobbler.

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