Friday, February 19, 2010


Warning the following post contains photos of plastic surgery gone wrong. These are intended for educational purposes only and are not suitable for children or the squeamish.

 Marijane had a difficult youth.  She was always teased about her lack of curves and her large mouth. When she got old enough Bertita offered to take her to her favorite clinic in Colombia for some cheap plastic surgery.
I guess it is a case of you get what you pay for.  In order to spare other dolls from this misery she has agreed to share the results with us. Although the scars on her skin have healed, leaving visible stitch lines, the scars on her psyche have not.
Like Bertita and  Latricia she really doesn't like to go to the nudist camp anymore but she looks great in clothes.

Undaunted by her experience she bravely decided to have a "lip"-ectomy while she was there.  In this case it was her lips (not her fat) that they "ectomied". You can see the results below.

She has really pretty green eyes, loves new clothes and experimenting with hair styles.
She is still living at home and trying to decide on whether to continue her education or seek a career in the field of beauty and fashion.

Oh yes, she does occasionally get dressed too. Here she is in what might be loosely terms sixtie's garb. She made her own lace body suit and wool vest and skirt. 

She was shopping with Latricia when she found the shoes. Sigh.

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