Sunday, October 14, 2012

Experimenting with Paper Clay - Goddesses All - Part IV

The following documents the latest changes

Mixed me up a batch of flesh colored paint. Looks too matte but I can fix that later.

Next came the tattoo that would cover areas that might disturb some viewers.  I have no idea why crotches disturb some people but I would not want to cause undue squirming.

Still deciding whether to put additional tattoos on in other areas.
Below I have half hidden some words among the leaves and vines. For example across the breasts are the words VICTORY and COURAGE
After COURAGE comes HOPE 

Then SUPPORT. Nothing like a well supported crotch.

Across the thigh is the word  SURVIVOR

Then I tried out these weird eyes. I had the not so bright idea to take a dollar store glass pebble and paint a pretty blue iris and black pupil on the flat back of the pebble. It might have worked except the pebble had a sort of iridescent green sheen to it.  I will tuck that away in case I make an alien sometime.
Although now I look again I wonder if I could tweak them a little and make them work. After all I was able to perform the sex change surgery quite successfully so why not eye surgery too?  Hmmm  

I just called Reg to ask his opinion but he didn't answer.
When I went to find him I noticed that the little dear couldn't wait for the dishwasher to get full enough to run so he had decided to do the dishes. 

I guess he couldn't hear me above the slurping. Plus he was excited about this heretofore untapped source of food.  You can't really blame him for being tired of licking out the drain and sink and running his little pink tongue over knife blades in the hopes of snagging some bits of cheese or meat.  
He is lovely to watch as he cavorts among the boiling pots on the stove.
It just proves what a rotten mother I would have made. One word from me and he does what he wants.
Yes. He opened the dishwasher door himself just like he does all the other doors and cupboards in the house.  
So far he has not gotten into a machine full of clean dishes.  Or has he?  Say anyone want to come over for supper. I just made a really great macaroni and cheese/tuna fish casserole from scratch.  I love combining those two comfort food favorites from my youth.

 But I digress. Shortly after I recovered from the dishwasher incident I brushed on a little bronze acrylic paint mixed with clear Gesso.  It gave a little more life to the skin and hid some uneven tones that had worried me.

Today I added the long awaited hair using some fun fur I bought back in the 80's. It has traveled to Ecuador and back with me.

I had wanted to crackle the bronze paint but something went wrong with the process and nothing cracked this time.  Must have been due to the previous Dr. Phil intervention.

The surface of the paper clay is very difficult to smooth so I let the bronze dry a little and then rubbed some of it off. A lot of it caught in the dips and craters of the rough surface allowing me to to pretend that I had left it rough on purpose.

May I also draw your attention to the fact that she will now stand on her own. This is due in part to a friend having given her a good screw. It goes right through her right foot. The left food is secured by another screw that comes up through the leg and does not show.

I had the good fortune to go to visit a sculptor friend and his wife.  I suspected he might have something lying around that would serve as a good stand.

The first thing we looked at was this gorgeous plank. It was just the right size and makes a good solid base with a history. His house was built in 1870 and this is a board from the attic.  I may insert or even paint on a yoga mat at some point as I find I am not as enamored of the rough finish as I was initially.  I love old rugged boards but this may not compliment the statue. What do you think?

BTW The photo of the older lady on the wall is a reference I will  use to paint the face/head for Hortense, the life sized doll that has been patiently waiting.

I kind of like this wild pixie look. What about you?

See you when I finally decide on eyes and then this will be finito.

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