Sunday, October 7, 2012

Experimenting with Paper Clay ctd. - Goddesses All - part III

Still hanging in there. I had no idea that goddesses could be such a pain in the patooty.

Anyhoo....I did a little surgery on that uber masculine face...with a bread knife! 
The current plan is to add paper clay to build up and smooth out the sawed off areas with the ultimate goal being a more goddess-like face.

But first the arms. I tried the first arm on for size; more bread knife action was needed to hollow out under the arm pit and also the inside part of the arm nearest the arm pit so it would hug in closer to the body. Then it was wired in place.

I have been deliberately leaving the hand and wrist naked (no paper clay) until I get the arm positioned permanently and then I can fool with positions before adding the clay.  It does firm things up considerably.

With all this messing about cracks had begun to appear at stress points.  Without even trying I had created a Crack Ho!

Not to worry. I contacted Dr. Phil and asked him to send his team to perform an intervention. The family all wrote letters to her; we cried, threatened and blew our noses, she tried to storm out but the paper clay had stiffened up so she didn't make much progress. Finally she agreed to have treatment with the hot glue gun.

While I had it out I glued both arms to shoulder joints and head to neck.
Here is a close up of the now paper clayed hand glued to the leg.

Now it is on to hair and eyes.  I still have not found a large enough base that will support her.

See you later.


Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humor! Dr. Phil's intervention! Hee Hee!

down to earth said...

Thanks!!! Glad you enjoyed that.

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