Monday, October 1, 2012

Experimenting with Paper Clay ctd. - Goddesses All - part I I

Work continues ever so slowly on the Goddess.  I am amazed that I am still hanging in here. I usually get bored and give up on something that is taking too a marriage, college degree or career and stuff like that.  Patience has never been my strong point.

Here are a few photos to show what has been transpiring over the past few days.

The torso needed to have more of a back bend as befits the Exalted Warrior Pose that I have settled on.
Risking weakening the structure by cutting a wedge in the back,   I then wired the torso to pull it into position and left it over night. That resulted in some improvement.

and in the front just under the breasts I stuffed more newspaper to bend it back as well. 

Then I finished off the hands by shaping them out of wire and inserting them into the wrist portion of the arms.

I covered each finger and the palms and back of the hand with paper mache.

This morning I whipped up a new batch of the paper clay

and began applying it to the back of the figure.  You can just see the wire that is keeping the body leaning back. I hope it will not separate once the clay dries.
Here is a better picture of the wire and bend in the back.  Ouch that must hurt!

I decided that I may as well cover everything I had ready with the new batch of clay as it does not keep well.  this is the slightly altered face. It is harder than I expected to feminize it.  The creepy vampire I originally envisioned is still peering out.  

Head looks oddly shaped and needs more work.  A wig will take care of the back of the head but the forehead is very low and could use some work....I am thinking seriously about making an entirely new head.

Here are the arms hanging from plant hooks out in the porch of my Little Shoppe of Horrors.

I had a wee mishap when I decided to hang the torso and legs from a hook as well.  To my horror the wire came apart and she crashed to the floor in a most Ungoddess like manner, landing on one butt cheek and flattening it horribly.

Tomorrow I hope the back will be dry enough to work on the front of the body.

Will also have a look around for something  that would be appropriate for a stand.


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