Saturday, April 7, 2012

Polymer Clay sculptures

For some reason I never did get around to posting my efforts in polymer clay.

Recently I have been taking advantage of a Share Day on one of the Facebook pages entitled Art Dolls Only.   The sheer talent out there is incredible.

I got brave and shared a few of mine anyway. They do date back a few years ( 5 years where does the time go? )to when, as usual I was flying by the seat of my pants without benefit of lessons or joining any clubs to get the insider tips.

But seeing what incredible sculptures can be produced in this material I decided that I needed some help and it would behoove me to take some classes.  I hope my next posting of sculptures will show a lot of  improvement.

This was the first sculpture I made.  I had a lot of difficulty with her limbs as they kept breaking. I came up with the idea to wrap snakes around them.  She is called Lilith  AKA The Snake Goddess.

Over time I made what I thought were improvements to her wings, gave her some feathery hair and a star to hang her dreams on.

This is my interpretation of what the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen might have looked like. She is one of "The Old Ones"  who has a very interesting mythology that includes shape shifting.

Once again I had problems with the limbs breaking.  So this time she got some lace up knee high sandals to keep her legs from falling off! 

This is the God Pan complete with a little Pan flute from Peru no less.

Once again problems with cracking legs.  These are the kinds of things I hope to surmount with any courses I take. I have no idea why it is happening.

Here is his cute little butt with a fluffy tail.

And for those who are embarrassed easily hide your eyes 'cause as the TV programs say...contains nudity. Full frontal. 

The next three are Miss Grimm.  She lives at the bottom of my garden in summer and usually can be found lounging in the big pine tree.

When fall sets in I can barely hear her tiny knock on the door. She comes in all shivery like and looks for a warm spot in the sun where she spends her time incessantly reading those fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm.

This lovely mermaid is Sirena Del Mar.

Here is Kashondra asking the eternal question asked by women everywhere....Does my butt look big in this thong?  

No really. Does it?

Kashondra was inspired by a joke sent around the internet awhile back that said eating a lot of bacon fat could cause you to have small feet! Certainly true in this case.

Kashondra and  daughter La Tricia are enjoying the reflecting pool in the garden.

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